Construction Phase Toolkit

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Construction Phase:  Construction Management / Standalone Retail Outlet 

In Construction Management delivery, there are often limits to the ability to use BIM for collaboration with the design team. BIM can be used to help coordinate construction activities, and to identify issues with the design that might require Requests for Information or change orders. As the construction manager it typically assuming risk based on an unknown design, BIM can be viewed as a risk management tool.

The use of BIM for coordination and management of construction on a project is an established practice. Even in cases where designs are presented as 2D drawings, and there are no electronic references, BIM has been demonstrated to be a useful tool to manage risks. By modeling aspects of the project that are expected to be troublesome before breaking ground, the project manager can identify and address issues in advance. The resulting models also serve as a basis for documenting project progress and coordinating activities between trades. The resulting BIM-based construction records can be used to protect against future liability or contract disputes.

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