Contract Language Documents Package

Price: $180.00

The package contains:

  1. IBC 100-2014 BIM Contract Appendix,
  2. IBC 201-2014 LOD, Authorized Uses and Model Element Table,
  3. Model Element Tables (MSWord versions: blank, CSC Uniformat),
  4. The Guide to the use of these documents.
  5. 10 Electronic seals

The IBC 100-2014 is used as an appendix to other prime contracts, to define and stipulate the roles and responsibilities of the parties in the use of BIM for their project.

The IBC 201-2014 and Model Element Table provides a Canadian standard for Levels of Development (LOD) and Authorized Uses of models which are set down for each project in a Model Element Table.

The contract documents are endorsed by:

  • Architecture Canada (RAIC)
  • Association of Canadian Engineering Companies – Canada
  • Canadian Construction Association
  • Construction Specifications Canada
  • Private Sector Owners
  • Public Sector Owners