Handover and Maintenance Phase Toolkit

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Handover and Maintenance Phase:  Design Build / Hospital replacement

In Design Build delivery, there will be significant opportunities to use BIM to improve collaboration for construction. This will lead to improved build quality and resilience to errors in design. In addition, BIM can be used to capture and record construction and as-built details, and provide a rich history. In Design Build projects stakeholders from construction and frequently operational phases participate in the planning and design phases.

The accurate and thorough documentation of the completed facility developed under the Design Build approach is particularly appropriate for use in handover transitions and operational phases of a project. The resulting BIM-based construction records can be used to protect against future liability or contract disputes. Operations and maintenance teams have an opportunity to identify and keep accessible data required for routine maintenance and ops, as well as typical small renovations. Maintained and organized facility BIM data may also support future major renovations or even decommissioning activities. In all cases, BIM can be used to minimize risk and preserve operating margins over the life of the facility.

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